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What is Euclide ?


Euclide is a revolutionary concept of facility management and building automation systems. You can manage any kind of asset: technological systems, IT devices, DataCenter Infrastructure, Ticketing e Documents

Euclide simplify and improve various business tasks using a unique business tool for various areas ranging from management services, system monitoring, IT network identification and management, alarms detection or abuse of business tools.

Our experts technology team support not only for setting up or buy our solution but to develop a “tailor made” software working hard in a partnership mode.
We want to concretely improve availability of services, improve comfort level, improve resource efficiency reducing troubleshooting, organizing and maintaining tasks, identifying network bottlenecks, verifying IT hardware, software or service failure, non compliance installation or seeing alarms details in your building map.

 Do you think impossible manage many assets all-in-one ?

We accept the challenge!


Simple and unique  Web Portal for supervisioning and control all your Building
and systems: anywhere, anytime, easily!


One partner for multiple solutions

Any company needs to simplify and reduce the complexity in the management of systems, alarms, maintenance, contracts, buildings and datacenter.

Today’s technological revolution changes the facility management paradigm using tool such as Euclide to proactive manage all facilities related.

Do you want to improve efficiency in your plant extraction?
Do you want to reduce costs and energy consumption in your airport?
Would you like to know every time what is the comfort level of your employees, your offices, your clients or hospital’s patients?
Would you like to have a simple but effective tool that allows you to make fast decisions in the company to reduce operating costs and improve customer service?

Euclide is a comprehensive solution for the management of Facilities, IT Network and Services (Datacenter, IT and Networking Services), Building Automation and Service Desk – Management Operations.

The heart of the solution is provided by clustered appliance capable of analyzing all the data from the IT devices and the technological systems.
Our team of experts will help your company to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs!

"Euclide Building Automation team" has also developed a number of hardware solutions in conjunction with the major hardware manufacturers integrating directly into our appliance in those areas:

1.         Access Identification & Detection
2.         Cooling and Fan supervision
3.         Room Kit for Hospitality or Health Systems
4.         Fire Extinguishing
5.         Fire Detection and Alarms
6.         Intrusion Detection
7.         CCTV IP or Analogic Camera Systems
8.         IP Network Analizer Appliance (IP sniffer)
9.        IP Monitoring Appliance

Euclide Products

Every Day your facilities need to be managed and organized.
Your infrastrucutures, your buildings and spaces, your people needs organization.
Euclide FM module allow you to manage with a single point of access all this information.
We can help you to control and monitor all your asset with advanced graphical maps to predict and manage failure,
health and safety issues, maintenance and operations for the day by day running of the buildings, help desk service, comfort index and space allocation/changes.
We work to provide you a customizable-tailor made solution integrated with your systems
(fire protection, alarms, air cooling, CCTV Cameras, Intrusion detection, DCIM, video surveillance, UPS and rack power, thermal power station)
with a Single Web Based Application managed by Browser, Mobile and Tablet.
All kind of assets can be inventory (Physical Assets, non-material Assests, Documents, Contracts)
to help you managing lifecycle (from acquisition to dismission).
Report and Statistics help you to understand the satisfaction of your workers and bring decisions quickly.
Asset Inventory with maps integration help you to discover immediately where asset are and if it works!
Enjoy your life simplifying your Facility Management!

Facility Management

Your worker spend a lot of time every day to manage company assets.
They need to follow tender and buying process, receive shipping or
move to other building and to manage all of asset lifecycle (from tender to dismission).
Company have a lot of assets and the management is now very complex!
Every kind of asset need process, authorization and time to be managed.
Euclide for ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT help your company to simplify and control your assets.
All kind of assets can be inventory (Physical Assets, non-material Assests, Documents, Contracts)
to help you managing lifecycle (from acquisition to dismission).
We help you also to integrate directly with intelligent devices to predict failure
or receive automatic events-alerts (technological systems and IT assets).
Asset Inventory with maps integration help you to discover immediately where asset are and if it works!
Euclide help to organize documents and furnitures or to understand if your IT Asset works fine.
Euclide Service Desk module is directly integrated with Asset Management helping you to resolve issues
and ticketing reporting the history
(issues-workflow resolution processes-people connected-reporting activities and Service Level Agreement)

Asset Management

In the Techology Era we live Information Technology one of the most important asset we need to manage.
For every worker our company need to manage a lot of IT assets such as:
PC, Workstation, Printer, Network Switch, Services (ERP, E-Mail, Internet Connection, Anti-virus, Security and all kind of services).
Comunications, buy processes, production day by day run with IT services.
Euclide for IT Monitoring help you to manage and monitor your IT services and assets.
We can inventory all IT assets automatically (Hardware and Software),
Monitoring Network (LAN, WAN, switches, router, mac address…),
define tag and create favourite list to immediately know the status of the most important assets.
Define alarms thresholds to monitor critical services and devices for manage: hardware, software, disk space, bandwidth,  services, networks.
Connect and manage immediately to your asset with RDP, VNC, HTTP connection only with a click.
Reporting and maps alarm help you to discover immediately the issue.
Network Monitoring module is an advanced feature to identify network problems or abuse
such as unpermitted surfing, malware activites, not compliance security and much more.
With DCIM Module (Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring) you can quickly monitor the physical and IT infrastructure components
in a centralized platform. You can see in the maps space and room management,
information and status of assets (technological systems of room and rack with IT devices).
All perfectly integrated with Help Desk module for manage ticketing and alerts
(automatic or manual added). Finally your IT Dept. can manage Service Level Agreement of IT staffs and report immediately issues/activities with a simple message (E-mail, Portal, SMS).
Enjoy your life simplifying your IT Monitoring!

IT Monitoring

Bulding Automation is one of the most important challenges of our time.
In the market there are miles of different solutions that are unlikely talk together.
Euclide for Building Automation helps businesses that require careful management of their building allowing integration of them into a single supervision system.

We do this through custom integration to control existing systems or by Euclide Supervision Hardware which already control and manage many brands.
But our goal isn't replace your current systems but connect systems and devices all together in a simple and unique interface that enable to save stages and activities such as: installation, management, maintenance, operations, service desk, security management and compliance as well as the catalog of documents and contracts related to the systems.
The Building Automation  module is a tailor made solution which allows the company to manage all buildings located in various parts of the world from a single web based portal, showing on the map any problems or warnings and being able to turn on and off remotely systems (this depend from level of integration provided by the system).
You no longer need many different supervision systems to improve your efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, being ready and active faults in solving or managing the global maintenance from a single point.
Euclide for Building Automation is a solution not only an hardware appliance!
We can help you to automate your processes and improve efficiency.
Enjoy your life simplifying your Building Automation!

Building Automation

Our Experts Technology Team help you to design and implement a tailor made solution working hard in a partnership mode.
Our Euclide Products are all totally integrated to combine flexibility, modular expansion, time saving and investment protection. Euclide is composed by 4 Modules covering areas listed above. Browse menu to find answer of your needs

Innovation requires a mindset that rejects the fear of failure and replaces that with the joy of exploration and experiential learning


Euclide Solutions

Workteam develops custom solutions FOR YOUR COMPANY.


We love simplicity!

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